Walk yourself through a “typical” day, observing how often you are exposed to “screens” that can influence you. Begin in the morning and outline amounts of time you use cell phones, computers, TV etc. Come up with a specific personal amount of time (on the average) you spend daily involved in “screens” that would allow you to be desensitized.

My Typical Day


Personal screen time total per day:

What criteria do you use to filter what you see and hear? Be very specific. Make an honest analysis of how often you use this criteria. How often do you actually evaluate what you view with Biblical standards?

How often I use this criteria:

Finally, if you do have a sound criteria for evaluating what you are seeing and hearing, have you shared this criteria with any young people?

Our Protector role requires us to pass on the wisdom we gain to protect the children in our lives. Explain below how you are carrying out that calling: