The Parents Arise! Grandparents Arise! logo features the red heart of God surrounding the darkness of the world in four triangles. The black triangles representing the child, the parent, the church and the world are invaded by the light of the cross of Christ who is our salvation and strength.  Deceit, treachery and destruction do not have the final word. Christ’s victorious light is there to permeate every arena and relationship in life. God’s open Word is the foundation of our faith and strength as we arise to protect our children.

Facing into the darkness, the sin, the deceit, the destructiveness that is in the world and in our own hearts, how can we ever raise children who will not be dominated and harmed? The four black triangles represent that darkness that surrounds the world (lower left hand corner), the church (lower right), the parent, grandparent and concerned overseers (upper right) and young person (upper left).

The Good News is that God has dealt with this through Christ who came invading the darkness and overcame sin, death and the power of the devil. The empty cross symbolizes His triumph. The power of His light brings forgiveness, life and the freedom to resist. The segmented lines on the outer edges of the triangles symbolize the that both light and darkness make up the relationships between the different entities.

God so loved the world. His steadfast love (heart) surrounds all of what we know as human life and He provides gifts through Christ, His Word, His people and wisdom in the world. Through these He.equips parents, grandparents and concerned people to protect and prepare the young. The body of Christ is and can be a powerful, grace-filled resource of salt and light in our families and in our world. The logo calls Parents and Grandparents (and others) to Arise!