Introduction to Book I
1: The Challenge of Not Seeing What is Going On————9
2: The Challenge of Being Distracted—————————21
3: The Challenge of Evil vs. Vulnerability ———————-35
4:   The Challenge of Systematic Desensitization————–49

5:   The Challenge of Not Being Present to Our Children.—–63

6:   The Challenge of Being Tricked——————————81
7:   The Challenge of Our Modern Culture———————–93
8:   The Challenge of Making Our Calling Primary————-113
9:   The Challenge of Grandparenting and Mentoring———129
10: The Challenge of Owning Our Home Ministry————-145
11:  Why Would You Go on to Book II?————————–167
Appendix A:————————————————————-173
Recommended Reading List:——————————————187