Parents Arise Book 2Are you a faithful protector of youth? Then you will not want to miss out on what is offered here!
But are you really prepared to equip your child for the world that is out there right now?
Why does my child need a code color to let me know he or she wants to leave a current location and come home immediately?
How safe is your child on the computer?

All over America vulnerable kids are being bullied, picked on, traumatized, misled, addicted, molested, deeply wounded and used. Heartsick families in desperation ask, what can be done?

Will your child, your family be next? Authors Al Erickson with Patricia Malloy have been there. They have committed themselves to help parents and grandparents discover what ways God wants to prepare them. In Book II, you will find a tool chest filled with ways to safeguard precious children. These tools bring us a sense of being better equipped as Protectors. Learn about intuition, brain development, boundaries and the art of safeguarding.

We are not left without methods and clarity. God has abundantly supplied us with the Holy Spirit, promises, warnings, and profound wisdom from His Word. There are effective resources that will be valuable to those who care.

The challenge for parents today is staggering. Most traps to hook youth are subtle, appealing, sophisticated and use powerful technology. Media has gained increasing influence in many homes. Conniving schemers are finding ways into the lives of young people while good parenting has little support.

This book is for all who believe God has given them a front-line ministry to pass on their Christian faith and to equip young people for a safe and healthy journey through life.

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