Al Erickson

Reverend Alvin “Al” Erickson has founded and directed two Christian ministries: Grassroots Ministry in the inner city of Minneapolis, Minnesota and Adults Saving Kids. The latter ministry of twenty years has brought him to see the great challenge of preparing young people so they will not be exploited and devastated by the “sex” industry.

He and his wife Ina, a registered nurse, were missionaries in Papua New Guinea where he worked with 55 villages and then taught at a local language seminary. He was a pastor in rural North Dakota, worked on the streets of Hollywood, served a congregation in south central Los Angeles, and then moved to Minneapolis where he has worked with the ministries mentioned above. For twelve years his focus has been developing material and training to prevent the exploitation of young people. He and Ina have raised six children and have fifteen grandchildren.

Patricia Malloy

Patricia Malloy, professor, junior high school teacher, Christian school administrator, musician, parent, grandparent and author. She has written the Lightbearer’s Christian Worldview curriculum for Summit Ministries in Colorado Springs; a middle school Bible curriculum for 12 Seeds International in Minneapolis, and several other educational materials for other Christian organizations. Pat has walked a God-directed path raising her five children as a single parent, as a college professor for ten years in Duluth, MN; as a public school teacher; and a full-time trainer for Tentmakers Youth Ministry in Minneapolis. She has done mission work in Russia and Ukraine and is still teaching young people in a variety of settings. Pat has five children, nineteen grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Her passion is preparing young believers to be wise and discerning.