1. Growing up inside a dysfunctional home, lack of parenting, separation of parents.

2. Parents who do not help them understand, grasp or live the Christian life.

3. Not having the tools to avoid being taken advantage of, molested or raped.

4. Becoming sexually active before being old enough to fully understand what the consequences of that will be.

5. Dealing with the long term consequences of a pregnancy out of wedlock.

6. Becoming harmed and/or addicted to chemicals like alcohol or drugs.

7. Dealing with loneliness or other emotional needs by turning to Internet pornography.

8. Being bullied, picked on or being the bully, enjoying control of others.

9. Social pressure that leads to chemical use, sexual promiscuity or criminal behavior.

10. Getting into a dating relationship or marriage where one will be abused or be abusive.

11. Reaching the point of despair.

12. Not seeing the connection between their identity in Christ and what is going on in their hearts, their minds and their behavior.

13. Being left unprotected and/or foolhardy because no one is praying for them.

14. Keeping life at a surface level, easily swayed, life without a deeper inner compass.

15. Not having the support they need when making critical decisions or in crucial situations.

16. Becoming addicted—to food, sex, gambling, chemicals, the internet or other media.

17. Having friends who lead them astray, who are not grounded in the faith themselves.

18. Internet predators who prey on young people.

19. Preachers, teachers, youth workers, coaches and mentors who take advantage of their vulnerabilities.

20. Losing their faith by misleading messages and living in a world full of distractions.

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