Why Are Fathers Important in a Child’s Life?

What is the Calling of a Christian Father?

Dads make sure their children are provided for.

Dads commit themselves to be their children’s protectors.

Dads listen to God and they pray for their children.

Dads teach their children skills, stories and teach them how to pray.

Dads prepare their children for adult life.

Dads lovingly value the lives of their children and also the life of their Mom.

Dads are present, they are there to be counted on.

Dads warn their children of dangers.

Dads equip their children with armor to fend off evil connivers.

Dads arm their children with truth and wisdom.

Dads model how to do life.

Dads model how the Christian life is to be lived.

Dads share their own experiences, what they have learned from failures and from others.

Dads challenge their children when needed.

Dads ask for forgiveness when that is called for.

Dads forgive.

Dads allow their children to make some mistakes and learn from them.

Dads point out things. They notice what their children might not notice.

Dads realize they have only so much time with their kids so they seek to make the most of every opportunity to build up their young ones.

Dads share their faith in God and their hope with their children.

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