1. Many adults are saying “I’m glad I’m not a kid growing up today” but have they ever really come to terms with the actual dangers young people are facing, the ones these books are addressing?
  2. Are parents and grandparents realizing the enemies their offspring are encountering are very often hidden, anonymous, sophisticated, crafty, technologically astute and not at all thinking of the importance of keeping kids safe and whole? Have they the insights this book is offering them?
  3. Have parents and grandparents fully taken on the role of Protector so they are defending their offspring, not only against physical dangers but emotional, sexual, intellectual and spiritual dangers as well? Are they willing to look at how challenging this Protector calling is when one sees it as described in these books?
  4. Many parents and grandparents find out only too late what ways the lives of their young people can be manipulated, redirected, traumatized, scarred and even devastated? Have they considered what agony this will cause in their own lives for the next decades? Are they willing to see what solutions these books offer?
  5. Media is in most cases now the main influence on kids’ lives. Is it any wonder our culture is so different now? Who will reverse this trend but parents and other concerned adults who regard their ministry in the home and with the family as primary and are willing to learn and grow in having that ministry be effective and transformative? This book provides a good start in that learning process.
  6. As parents it is easy to feel stumped and overmatched. These books open new doors so parents can see and use some of the key tools God has provided to help equip and protect their youth. Our Lord has not left us with an empty toolbox.
  7. A further challenge for parents and grandparents is finding ways for their young to have the internal wisdom, discernment, faith and courage to avoid or fend off potentially entrapping or treacherous involvements. Here are some answers.
  8. Grandparents and other concerned adults may wonder where they fit into the picture of protecting and preparing their special youth for the world that is out there. As they grow in awareness from this book, they will have new perspectives and resources to work from and be blessed by our caring Lord in the process.
  9. So we ask, “What does the Bible say about all this?” These books will show what the Bible shares about treachery in the world, what parents are to be about and what the Scriptures provide for those seeking the welfare of children. The arsenal from God is here causing the reader to shout with gusto, “Arise”.

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