Parents Arise Books

Pastor Al Erickson with Patricia Malloy of Minneapolis have collaborated to write two eye-opening and challenging books aimed toward parents, grandparents, and adults who are concerned about our children and youth in today’s culture of TV, media, technology, seduction, and greed. The authors present the challenges adults need to be concerned about to safeguard our young people and what actions can be taken at home, in church, in school, in the community. They reveal the often hidden treachery that awaits our children in a world that is becoming increasingly dangerous.

All over America vulnerable kids are being bullied, picked on, traumatized, misled, addicted, molested, deeply wounded and used. Heartsick families in desperation ask, what can be done?

The authors have committed themselves to helping parents and grandparents discover what ways God wants to prepare them. Book II is a tool chest filled with ways to safeguard precious children; these tools bring us a sense of being better equipped as Protectors. We are not left without methods and clarity. God has abundantly supplied us with the Holy Spirit, promises, warnings, and profound wisdom from His Word. There are effective resources that will be valuable to those who care.

The challenge for parents today is staggering. Most traps to hook youth are subtle, appealing, sophisticated and use powerful technology. Media has gained increasing influence in many homes. Conniving schemers are finding ways into the lives of young people while good parenting has little support. These books are for all who believe God has given them a frontline ministry to pass on their Christian faith and to equip young people for a safe and healthy journey through life.

Originator of the Adult Saving Kids program, Al Erickson will soon begin training sessions for those who are committed to seek ways to keep our young people safe. Patricia Malloy is writing the teaching manuals for this endeavor.

“What Erickson and Malloy have explained in Parents Arise! Grandparents Arise! is not only imperative for the moral, social and emotional well-being of our nation, it is equally imperative for our economic and political well-being.”

—Al Quie, former Governor of Minnesota

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